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Systems Edge
The home of Tony Edge.
retired computer engineer. Qualified Radio
amateur Full sign G6 XFU.
Advanced skills in electronics photography
computer programmingbasic, cobol, oasis, theos, pascal.
Web research & design.
Rebuilding and
restoring old cottages.
Owner & manager of

Anthony A Edge



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Sytems edge is a non profit project to help and promote information exchange and a greater understanding of today's computer related problems. The smf forum includes topics and answers to questions on a day to day basis.
This first page is devoted to getting started. Creating Your Own Web Site.
Your own internet service provider will usually give you a small amount of web space with a long meaningless domain name.
For your club, hobby or small business you need more space a good domain name and a linux CPANEL. is one of many companies offering low cost high quality web space.

The linux Cpanel
gives vast control over the web site Fantasitico & cgi scripts install free programs with just a few mouse clicks.

You can create a very good site with very simple tools in Microsoft Office or the free program Open Office for Windows or Linux.
just by saving as html or web page.
For the Linux users try the free program Komposer.
For a more advanced site you can use Dreamweaver WYSIWG to create sites or import documents from Office

Please visit the systems-edge smf forum

How to pdf f files notes
systems-edge computer forum
How to post a message in the systems edge forum

How to build a html, yahoo, google site map  
How to install Macromedia Flash 8 on Ubuntu 9.10 using wine Ubuntu 9.10  flash8.pdf
How to install Dreamweaver 8 on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala pdf Dreamweaver on Mandriva 2010   flash8.pdf
How to install Dreamweaver 8 on Linux Mandriva 2010  
How to export Mozilla Thunderbird email accounts, mail from Winows linux to Mandriva Compukit Uk101one of my first computers uk101.pdf
How to backup and restore Windows Mozilla Thunderbird email accounts and settings the easy way. emachines d620 laptop
workshop manual part 1



updated 23/11/2012 site moved to home web sever

How to build your own Web site using Microsoft Office Word this is a very good article on getting started using MS Word to create a Web Page developed by Paula Petrik, Department of History & Art History and the TAC Program,George Mason University.
The Hertfordshire Grid for Learning.
This page describes how to create and edit web pages using Microsoft Word.
To fine tune your html word document for search engines read. How To Use HTML Meta Tags.'s/support/Training/Online/DreamweaverIntro/
Help with Macromedia Dreamweaver.
Free alternative to Dreaweaver wysiwig web editor download from cnet

OOo or Open Office is a free alternative to Microsoft Office but has many advanced file options including *.pdf &html  download
Broadband availability all of UK .

    holiday cottage   Life in a Pop Factory 1960


This site tells the history of my late dads business. Arthur Edge Mineral water factory at Longsight Manchester.
Including an 8mm cine film clip 1960.

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